Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007

22 years ago today I was preparing to tie the knot. Hard to believe that it's been that long ago! We were married at high noon in the Catholic Church.

Yesterday I worked really hard on my marketing job - I have a PowerPoint presentation that has about 50 slides, and I need to review them all. I only had to make changes/create 13 news ones.

I watched a show on Fine Living called, Cocktails, which was pretty neat, but the cool thing was they mentioned Deadwood! Apparently the #10 Saloon, where we ate often, has a drink called a Flaming Six Shooter. It's six shot glasses on a tray, each filled with Vodka, Kahlua, and Amaretto. Sugar gets sprinkled on the tray around the perimiter of the glasses, Sambuca gets poured on the sugar, which is then ignited. Once the flame goes out, you take your finger and run in through the sugar. You lick the sugar off your finger and then take the shot. Tom, Oli - why didn't we try this??

Walked about three miles with my neighbor this morning - jogging is out until my back heals.

I'm meeting a friend, Sharon for lunch. It's our last lunch for about six months. She is headed to Chile for a total immersion Spanish lesson. I can't wait for her to send me recipes from her host family!

Tonight we are having dinner in a very trendy, upscale restaurant in downtown Raleigh called, Bistro 607. Tomorrow night, some friends are taking us out for dinner to another trendy place called 18 Seaboard. My mom, and their dad is also joining us.

Well, off to work.

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