Thursday, August 2, 2007

August 2, 2007

Well - it happened yesterday! The first time I was ever at the beach and a shark was actually spotted in the water where everyone was swimming. Thankfully, I missed it, but my family was all in it. I had come up to the room to shower and work. As I walked past the sliding door I noticed everyone was out of the water and pointing at the ocean. I ran out on the deck and my sister-in-law, Norene made a shark fin gesture and I knew what she meant. Accoridng to Larry it was about 4 feet long and had a large gash in its side, which might explain why it was so close to shore. However, just last week, there was a shark attack in the same area...

It doesn't seem to have affected anyone since there are already people swimming in the ocean. Although, I will be very shaky when I get in today. One guy apparently dtiched his spouse on their raft when they saw the shark. I wonder where he slept last night?!

Got a little more tan yesterday, and relaxed. Taste of Tombstone is finally done (was last week) and the publisher is happy with that one! I still am pondering the other much work, and I have another project that is probably more profitable.

Oh well, work is light this morning, so I am heading to the beach for a while. Went jogging this morning again.

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