Monday, April 26, 2010

Accepting the Wrangler Award

The Western Heritage Wrangler awards were awesome! It was so huge--they call it the Cowboy Oscars and with good reason. Tom Selleck was inducted into their Hall of Fame so I got to meet him. I also met Ernest Borgnine. At 93 this man has more energy and agility that I envy him. He was so super nice and funny. When we were taking the picture you see we had a blast. The picture you see is actually the third one we took. The first one I said I blinked, the second one he said he blinked, and the third one was perfect! How nice of him was that?

I am truly honored to have received this award.

My acceptance speech was this, "Thanks to the museum, the History Channel, and the judges. Where else, but in the west, can you win an award for drinking and gambling on national television. Thank you!" The crowd laughed and cheered!