Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28, 2008

Today was a day full of body maintenance. First thing this morning was a follow-up with my regular doctor for the accident. I still some real tender areas around my left shoulder blade and neck. He says it will just take time and wants me to try physical therapy.

Later in the morning, I saw two deer, a mama and a baby eating in my backyard. That's not something I usually get to see. I will try to post a photo tomorrow. Too cute!

This afternoon it was acupuncture, which was a little painful after all the doc's poking around. I had to skip the gym, which was probably beneficial anyway. Tomorrow is Zumba and I can dance!

Tonight is pub night, so I hope my brain is working for the trivia part...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 27, 2008

I got some rest last night, finally. I went to the gym today in the torrential downpour that is called Fay. We have been under tornado warnings all day because of it.

Dinner tonight will consist of something cooked inside--I am thinking along the lines of Mexican fare.

My friend Bob Bell is in Peru visiting his son and he kept talking about all the great soups. I sent him an email asking for some recipes. I noticed in his blog that he says he will get me some.

I love tasting foods from other places. Most people buy the typical souvenirs, but I buy food and cookbooks. What better way to learn about a culture or history? I guess you can see why I wrote Taste of Tombstone!

Have a great night...I'll keep saying, "There's no place like, there's no place like home!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008

Charleston was wonderful. As I stated - I love to photo the area, so here is a sampling.

We went for our 23rd anniversary. The inn where we stayed was nice, but not quite what I had envisioned. It looked much better on the website. We had breakfast delivered to our room each morning on a silver tray. It included juice, coffee, pastries, fruit, and yogurt.

We used the bikes they offered and toured all over old town from 9:30-4:30, with a break for lunch. I was on a quest to find the best She crab soup and Shrimp and Grits. So, I guess you know what I ate...

We were supposed to take a sail on an 84-foot sailboat, but they canceled us for lack of other riders. Hmm. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were horrendous! We had bug spray, but they still swarmed us. I am not joking - people were slapping themselves and running to get away from them. I have plenty of souvenirs!

When I got home I received my copies of True West for the saloon story and a check! I also got a check for doing a book review for my publisher. Yesterday, it paid to be an author! LOL

I am sorry that I have to skip the Apex Author's Guild meeting tonight, but I am just too exhausted. It was hard to sleep at the inn in Charleston because of the A/C unit. It droned on all night and I barely got much sleep in two nights.

We bought fresh shrimp for the docks while we were there, so I am doing something with them tonight for dinner.


Friday, August 22, 2008

August 22, 2008

Well, I totally spaced this yesterday. I was busy with work and other things and the time got away from me.

We went to the pub again last night - it's turning into a regular thing and it's been fun. Yep, had the same food and drink.

I think the last few days at the gym are catching up with me...I am getting sore all over. That is such a good thing.

My uncle went home from the hospital yesterday! Now I hope he has a speedy recovery.

I am going to wrap up my bio and platform for WWA tonight. Next week I have to finish my proposed 2009 column idea for TW mag.

It was TTT today at the gym - it's supposed to be a cross between aerobics, group strength, and kick boxing. I must have been snoozing because we did not do one kick boxing move!

I miss Zumba--they don't offer it every Friday.

Happy weekend to all!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 20, 2008

Today was circuit training at the gym which is always different depending on who is teaching. We'll see if I am sore tomorrow...

I have been making plans for our Charleston, SC trip.

Anyway, I love shrimp and grits and no place makes it like Charleston! I can't wait to eat. They are a town known for food. We also might take an 84-foot sail boat around the harbor.

I always take a ton of photos while I am there because the Victorian architecture is so stunning. It's summer so the flower boxes will be gorgeous as well.

Buffalo burgers on the grill tonight.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008

Today is the two month mark since my car accident. I am much better than I was, but my neck still aches off and on...

So the dinner plans got switched and we had the Moroccan chicken last night, so it's sausage tonight.

It took the kickboxing class today and then had a big client meeting today. I am happy to report that it went well. Whew!

I have to take my new car into the shop tomorrow for a little fix up--nothing major.

Switching's been 10 years since my dad died. His older brother, my Uncle Donald has sort of been filling in since then. U.D., as I like to call him, is 84 and in near perfect health and mind. Last week he had emergency surgery to remove his gall bladder. His is in the hospital right now, but should be okay. It always amazes me how fragile life is. Yeah, I know the man's 84, but he is my step-in-dad and grandfather. I hope he goes home soon. Like me and my dad, U.D. and I have a special bond...

Monday, August 18, 2008

August 18, 2008

This weekend was productive. We went shopping on Saturday as usual, bought a large box of tomatoes from the local produce stand. When I say large I mean, like 20 lbs+.

I turned those beautiful red jewels into six quarts of Tomato Basil (basil grown on my back deck) soup and nine quart bags of frozen tomatoes. Both will taste great this winter. I also made two dinners out of them. Last night was steak on the grill with zucchini and tomatoes. I also made Moroccan Chicken which will be tomorrow night's dinner.

I just got a big project at work and wanted to dive into it, so I skipped the gym. I will get back to it tomorrow.

It's grilled chicken, artichoke, and spinach sausage for dinner tonight.

Friday, August 15, 2008

August 15, 2008


Yes, I took it again.

Today was crazy - computer problems, had to pop by my mom's house because she today the 13th?

It's pizza for dinner tonight...

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14, 2008

I have got to start getting some sleep. Nope, it wasn't the Olympics this time. Kitty cats, phones, and snoring...

I was so exhausted that I skipped the gym. I did manage a short walk around the neighborhood.

This afternoon, I did some volunteer work for a group called, The Center for Volunteer Caregiving. A 42 year-old man who had a stroke needed a ride to the doctor, so I took him. His wife was picking him up. It's amazing how something so simple for me was so big for him. It really does make you feel good to help others.

Tonight I will celebrate with a Guinness at the pub we went to last week.

I got my first paper copy of the Denver Post book review. It looks so awesome!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13, 2008

I've been staying up to dang late watching the Olympics. I'm on the east coast, so most events don't get going until midnight my time. Hey, I had to stay up and watch Michael Phelps!!

Hit the gym today for the circuit training class. Came home and did work and more work.

I am ready to quit and make dinner. I grow my own herbs on the back deck and I just harvested some fresh basil. I am making homemade pesto, so it's pesto chicken for dinner.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008

Yesterday was just an awesome day. I have been getting congrats from all my writer friends on the Denver Post review. I am still dancing around.

I took my kickboxing class today and it always feels so good to kick and punch (myself in the mirror). Hmm, wonder what that says about me? LOL

I also had an acupuncture appointment to help with the neck pain, which, by the way, is finally getting better.

I still have so many things to work on and deadlines are approaching, so I have to be brief today...

Monday, August 11, 2008

August 11, 2008

This weekend was pretty quiet. We stayed did a little shopping on Saturday, yard work on Sunday, and watched the Olympics last night.

I got an email from my "Victorian Sister," Michelle Black (great author) yesterday telling me that the Denver Post reviewed my Tombstone's Treasure book. For any author - that is HUGE!

Not only did it get reviewed, but it was a good one, too. Whew. Check it out: I was told they included a copy of the cover in the paper itself.

It seems my author stuff is finally paying off...first True West magazine, then the Denver Post, I wonder what's next?

Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8, 2008

Lots of fun at the Irish pub last night. I had a huge salad and cottage pie - as predicted. Oh yeah, Guinness, too.

The trivia was fun. It's amazing how much useless knowledge you carry around in your head. Out of six, I was the only one who knew Kansas was the sunflower state. We all totally bombed on a question of name 10 of the top 20 movies of 2007. Could you do it? We got five right. Ugh. I think we'll go back next week and test our brains again.

I took the Zumba class at the gym today and I still love it. The hour just flies by. I wish all the classes were that fun. I have to get back to lifting weights, too. Those are tricky with the neck/shoulder thing.

No big plans for the weekend, but something always pops up. Have a great one!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 7, 2008

I get hungry for pie every time I see those photos.

Today was group strength training at the gym--can you tell I am a gym rat? I honestly feel bad when I don't get to go. It's a great addiction.

I've decided that I have got to start making a list or lists of things I want to accomplish, both short term and long. If I don't I will continue to drift whichever way the wind takes me.

Tonight we are going to an Irish pub with my sister and brother-in-law. It's trivia night so it should be loads of fun. My sister goes every Thursday night and usually calls me with questions. I am her "phone a friend."

They have an awesome cottage pie, which I love. I'll have that and a pint (Guinness, of course) and I will be good to go! Sláinte. (Cheers in Irish).

Hmm, I ended with a pie reference, although not the sweet kind...go figure.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August 6, 2008-Bonus Blog

I came across some photos from our trip to Cherokee, NC for July 4th.

Can I just say that I live for pie? My niece and I eat pie on all our vacations. We are actually in search of... We call each other "pie-rates."

Well, honey, too. I am a honey junkie and have to buy some no matter where I travel.

August 6, 2008

I finally got a photo of me at the beach this past week, holding a very large shark's tooth that I found. Topsail Beach, NC, which is where we go, has a large collection of shark's teeth lying on the beach. I have never found one this large before!

I managed to update my website yesterday and added a vanilla ice cream recipe for August. I figured who doesn't like ice cream on a hot summer day? Check it out:

It feels good to be checking things off my "to do" list.

I took a circuit training class today--I will be sore tomorrow.

I am hoping to finish up my bio and platform for the WWA board position. I've been struggling to make it sound perfect, but I guess I just need to be who I am and not worry about being elected. If it happens great, if not, then it wasn't meant to be.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 5, 2008

Today is a great day! I am on the front page of True West magazine's webpage. How awesome is that? For a western writer - that's big time. Check it out:

I took my kickboxing class at the gym today and it felt great to be back at it.

Yesterday I was able to tackle a large portion of my bio and platform for the WWA board position. It made me stop and think a lot about being a western author. If someone had told me 20 years ago that I would have four published books, been on four TV shows, and be considered an authority on food in the Old West, I would have said they were nuts!

It only took until I was 35 to start doing what I loved...the wheels move slow sometimes. But, good things really do come to those who wait. Hmm, think I should add any more of those? ;)

I need to update my website today or tomorrow with the August recipe and my last Southwest Blend interview.

Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4, 2008

I guess you figured out that I didn't blog from the beach. I guess I should have, but honestly, it was nice being away from the computer.

Let's see, we ate tons of seafood, which I cooked. We had scallops, clams, grouper, red snapper, crab, and shrimp. Every night was something a little different. We did have London broil one night for dinner.

The beach was beautiful as always. Most days I just sat in my beach chair with a canopy (so I didn't fry). I read a little, visited with my in-laws, and went swimming. I couldn't use the boogie board this year because of my neck injury.

We went fishing one night on the pier and my brother-in-law caught a three foot shark, which he thankfully let go.

We got home on Saturday, unloaded the car, and then collapsed. There was a bit of tension between some of the relatives this year, which made the vacation stressful at times. In a way, I am glad to be home.

I skipped the gym today because I am still exhausted, but I will get back at it tomorrow.

I need to submit a plan for my 2009 column to True West magazine, which means I will be focusing on that. I am also trying to plan a trip to California wine country either this month or next so I can do research on my next book.

So much to do, so little time...