Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008

Charleston was wonderful. As I stated - I love to photo the area, so here is a sampling.

We went for our 23rd anniversary. The inn where we stayed was nice, but not quite what I had envisioned. It looked much better on the website. We had breakfast delivered to our room each morning on a silver tray. It included juice, coffee, pastries, fruit, and yogurt.

We used the bikes they offered and toured all over old town from 9:30-4:30, with a break for lunch. I was on a quest to find the best She crab soup and Shrimp and Grits. So, I guess you know what I ate...

We were supposed to take a sail on an 84-foot sailboat, but they canceled us for lack of other riders. Hmm. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were horrendous! We had bug spray, but they still swarmed us. I am not joking - people were slapping themselves and running to get away from them. I have plenty of souvenirs!

When I got home I received my copies of True West for the saloon story http://www.twmag.com/stories/detail/the_west_s_best_saloons/521/ and a check! I also got a check for doing a book review for my publisher. Yesterday, it paid to be an author! LOL

I am sorry that I have to skip the Apex Author's Guild meeting tonight, but I am just too exhausted. It was hard to sleep at the inn in Charleston because of the A/C unit. It droned on all night and I barely got much sleep in two nights.

We bought fresh shrimp for the docks while we were there, so I am doing something with them tonight for dinner.


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