Monday, August 20, 2007

August 20, 2007

It's been a crazy weekend and a busy Monday already. Saturday we did our shopping and wine tasting. When we got home, my niece, Tiffany called and asked to come over. She and her friend came and we had movie night. We watched Uncle Buck, made homemade popcorn and fresh strawberry smoothies. They also took the golf cart around the neighborhood scouting for boys - they're 14.

The girls stayed overnight and on Sunday I made them French toast and then we went shopping. I washed my car and they dried it for me. I didn't want to do too much with my back just starting to feel a little better.

A stray cat showed up on my back deck on Friday night and I couldn't not feed it. The poor thing looked very old, sickly, and skinny. I fed and gave it water and it took up residence on the porch. Poor thing was so lonely and love starved...I took him (named him Bob because he had a bob tail) to the vet this morning. Bob's lungs were collapsed or blocked by something, weighed 3.22 pounds, had a lump on his thyroid, and was ridden with fleas. The vet said the kindest thing to do to this poor stray was to put him to sleep. I had to agree. I hardly knew this kitty and I still cried when he died. At least he isn't in pain any more. Larry will have to bury him in the pet cemetery tonight.

My boss ordered me (well, Roni, his assistant actually did it) a new office chair when I told him my back was hurting - pretty darn cool.

Well, back to that job...

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