Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30, 2008

I finally got to have lunch with my friend yesterday. It was nice to see her again. We ate an Panera Bread and I had the spicy tomato soup. We then hopped over to Starbucks, where I got a Caramel Spice Latte, which was yummy! Work was busy as usual, but I didn't have to work late.

I am really getting into the research for my next book, and it seems to be consuming all my free time. However, the last book I just read for the award I am judging is finished. It was a big sucker - over 500 pages. I read it in less than 7 days. I guess I should be thankful that no new TV shows are on and I am forced to do something else with my time. On to the next one...

It looks like I will be at the Booth Western Art Museum in Atlanta from April 10-12, 2008, but I don't have any more details. Well, other than I will be in most excellent company with the likes of the famous western artists, Bob Boze Bell and Thom Ross.

I took my Pilates class today and I am feeling very sleepy right now. Could be that I stayed up until 12:30 last night finishing that book...better get some caffeine.

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