Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10, 2008

I started the day with a 3 mile walk - felt good.

I work for a marketing firm that is a virtual company. We have no main office and we all work from our home across the U.S. I have never met any of my co-workers, but we do have twice weekly conference calls, so I sort of know them.

Next month we are all flying to Lake Tahoe for a company meeting for 4 days. We are all staying in one cabin...shades of Deadwood come to mind. No paddles though - this is company business. There will likely be snow, so I better take some warm clothes.

I've been getting caught up on things that I put off last month, like renewing memberships, organizing, trashing, and getting it together in general. Each day I check something else off my mental list. It feels good.

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