Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1, 2008

It's already February - I swear time just flies by.

I was feeling pretty poorly yesterday, so I laid low and did my job. I did manage to make sopa de albondigas (meaball soup) for dinner. It's a wonderful Mexican soup with tomatoes, cilantro, and meatballs in a light broth. There is nothing like soup to make you feel better all over, well, except good wine to go with it!

Today is better, but the weather is gloomy, cold, and wet. I think I will make potato and leek soup for dinner.

I should start calling this the food column, rather than an author's column. Hey, at least you know what I am fond of, which explains my first book, Taste of Tombstone. Food and writing are my passions, so I guess it makes sense that I talk about food all the time.

Let's see - some writer stuff today. For some reason, I have been getting more and more requests for advice and research stuff. I really don't mind, because I was once in these requestor's shoes. When I think back, I prayed that all the people I contacted would be kind and offer some good advice. Some did, some did not.

I hope that I never become too busy to help new writers starting out. Most of the time, the requests are small, but I recently received one, which I tried to answer with the details I had. I got another email back with even more questions.

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