Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 25, 2007

I made great progress with all my projects for Interamark yesterday. It poured rain off and on all day, plus some nasty thunderstorms. Luckily, the power only dipped once and I didn't lose anything I was working on.

Forgot to mention that I have been inundated with all things British ever since filming the Lost Worlds show with the London crew. It's really weird; I discovered Gordon Ramsay, I've run into hotel staff, neighbors, and countless others I can't remember just know...I meet more and more people from England no matter where I am. Is there an invasion? Even on my plane ride home this seat mate was from England! I wonder if this is a sign for something?? It happens so frequently that I laughed out loud when I heard the guy on the plane talking - he no doubt thought I was touched. I later explained my outburst. We had a good chat about all the words that Tom, Peter & Oli taught me! ;)

It's raining again today, which is good because we are in such a drought. I walked/jogged today for three miles - part of it in the rain at 66 degrees.

I may try to tackle that blasted pioneer women's book tonight...

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