Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 24, 2007

I am getting back into my routine of work and daily life. As I suspected, I had a lot of work to do yesterday. My kitties missed me so I got lots of attention from them while I worked. My husband left for a business trip this morning...seems like we keep passing each other over the last couple of weeks. We barely have enough time to empty out the suitcases from each other's trips.

I didn't have as many personal emails as I expected when I got back, which is good and bad. As an author, waiting to hear from publishers and other industry related people, I hope to find a surprise email whenever I log into my account. Things like, they loved your book submission and want to publish it, they want you to be interviewed, or like when I got the call from the production company in London about the Lost Worlds show. Funny how we authors are...

I have three conference calls today and some additional work. I also have to squeeze in some time to work on my writing and get back to the gym.

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