Monday, July 23, 2007

The Weekend

On Saturday, we started shopping for beach house staples and food. We stopped for lunch and as usual, we opted to sit outside because it was beautiful weather. Unfortunately, just after my lunch was set in front of me, a bee stung me on the ankle. Not only did it hurt like hell, but I'm allergic. I tried to stomp my foot to get it off, but it was stuck. I had to use a fork to pluck it off, and then had to pull the stinger out with my nails. I had no medicine with me, but as fate would have it, the hospital was across the street. Having been stung about 5 years ago, and only having a mild reaction, I decided to finish my lunch. I figured I could at least have one last good meal in case I did end up in the hospital overnight. I put ice on it until we left. About 15 minutes later, other than feeling dizzy and shaking, I was fine. That was all just nerves I'm sure. We went to the pharmacy and got some Benadryl and After Bite. Benadryl always makes me sleepy, but we still had a ton of things to buy, so I kept going. We got home about 5:00 p.m. and I took a nap. I took more Benadryl before bed and slept late on Sunday morning. The sting area is now itching like crazy!

My mom needed some cat cages for a pet adoption on Sunday, so we took them over to the store. We did more shopping, and then went back to get the cages and take the kitties back to her house. Grilled filet mignon, corn, and potatoes for dinner.

Going for a jog/run and will hit the gym later. Then it's work time.

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