Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 18, 2007

Yesterday was an interesting day. I started out by jogging/walking about 2 miles. Did my regular job the best I could while my new ISP company had my email and Internet up and down all day. I was getting messages that were 4-6 hours old. I had to covert to this new company because they are splitting from my old one. I had until Oct. to do this, but I thought I would do it now. So I called the company and was told, "we're trying to get up to speed!" What the hell does that mean? Weren't they ready to handle this volume of clients? I guess not. We'll see what happens today.

Last night I was asked to meet a fellow author named Don Hoglund who lives nearby. He's a veterinarian, cowboy, and what I like to call, "horse wrangler." He wrote a book about it last year. I'm sure it's much more than that, and will let you know after I'm finished the book. We were at a horse farm owned by friends and he showed them how to handle their 9 month old filly. I was very impressed - this guy knows his horses. We chatted about writing and he gave me one of his books. It sure seemed strange - me getting a book, rather than giving one to somebody.

We had bad thunderstorms last night - maybe that brought the heat and humidity down, but I haven't been outside yet to see. Heading off to the gym for weightlifting and a swim.

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