Monday, July 16, 2007

Blog commitment and more Deadwood

I must confess that this weekend I did nothing "author" related. Saturday we met friends (Bev & Dave) for lunch at Memphis Red, Hot & Blue, then wine tasting, then food shopping. I grilled Porterhouse steaks, sweet potatoes & corn for dinner. Sunday I did the girl thing and went shopping by myself for clothes, beach stuff, and birthday gifts. I got some great deals! Today I have to crack down and get the visuals done for my Taste of Tombstone book, and do my regular job.

Deadwood saga...the blogs I should have made when I was in Deadwood in June.

Let's see, the first full day in Deadwood began with a rain downpour that didn't want to end. Oli and Tom changed the filming schedule and we moved to the archives building in downtown Deadwood. By the time we got done and broke for lunch, it had started to clear, but turned cold. We had some additional problems with our next guest because of the cold weather, so poor Tom ran around Deadwood trying to find an alternative. Arlette, from the archives, graciously agreed. We headed up muddy roads to a remote location to film the "deadwood" lying about. By the time we got done, one of my fingers had turned completely white and had no feeling. With lots of literal hand hold handing, it recovered. I can drive again! I honestly don't remember all that we filmed there because I was so cold. The day wasn't over yet...

We dropped Arlette back in town, then headed out for an 1880s miner's cabin, which you'll see in the show (see the picture here with me and Oli, freezing). It was close to 7:00 p.m. and the temp dropped to 33 degrees. We left that location around 8:00 p.m., blasted the heater in the car and went to the cabin, then back out for dinner.

More on dining in Deadwood tomorrow (at Tom's suggestion)...

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