Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19, 2007

Well, I was wrong about the rain cooling things off; all it did was make it more humid. It's like walking into an outdoor sauna. Lifted weights and jogged at the gym yesterday. Came back and got to work. Last night we went out for pizza and caprese salad, then headed to the Jaguar dealer. I've been leasing my X-Type for the last 4 years. I love my car, so last night we went and purchased it. Now I own it, or well, at least I'm working towards that. Since I don't drive to work anymore and the car is used for getting me to the gym, shopping, and leisure, I couldn't see the point of dropping $30,000+ on a new one.

My internet and email worked pretty good yesterday, so I guess they fixed their issues. Today I have a new cleaning lady coming over to give me an estimate. The last one I had just didn't do a good enough job. I didn't want to give her another chance because there were too many things she missed. We'll see what this one does.

In between my day job, I have been scanning visuals for Taste of Tombstone, and should be done this weekend.

I haven't mentioned my two kitties (I call them my girls) in a while, so here's an update. It's been since December that we've had the new one, Trixie. She celebrated her first birthday on July 4. She and Bailey, my three year-old, are getting along better, but there's still some issues. Trixie is still all kitten and "snipers" Bailey at every turn. Bailey finally gets pissed off enough and slaps the crap out of her. Maybe one day, they will be best buds.

Okay, out into the sauna for a jog/walk.

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