Monday, September 10, 2007

September 10, 2007

Whew! What a weekend. Drove to Washington, D.C. Saturday for the first Redskins game. We played the Miami Dolphins and thankfully won - in overtime! We drove up on Saturday afternoon, stayed in Maryland overnight and headed to the game on Sunday. We found an awesome Italian deli and butcher shop - our new favorite stop during football season.

The game was yesterday at 1:00 p.m. and it was probably 100 degrees in the seats. The sun was blazing down on us and it's a wonder we didn't pass out from the heat. As usual, I got doused with someones soda while walking about. Seems a man and a woman, both drunk, got into an altercation and she was pushed into me and then the soda flew all over my white capris!

I'm reading an Agatha Christie novel - I have always loved her books and it has been a while since I read one. The title of this one caught my eye - They Came to Baghdad. I thought, hmm, what's in this book?

It's really quite neat - I think it was written in the 40s and it is amazing to hear how she describes this currently, war-torn city. It seems like it was so Arabian back then, in the romantic kind of way with palm trees, flowing rivers, exotic scents and sounds, and proper English gents and ladies traveling about. Hardly what we think of Iraq today...Quite sad actually when you think about it. It sounds like a place I would have liked to visit - back then, not today.

Popping downstairs for a cup of tea. That sounds terribly British - too much Agatha I guess. I also have a project deadline and conference all today.

Oh, I read the Washington Post yesterday and there was a story in there about the new Jesse James movie with Brad Pitt and my friend, Bob Boze Bell of True West magazine was interviewed for it!

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