Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 23, 2008

As promised. The photos are of NM tamales and the others are behind the scenes and of the set.

I did make it see my publisher on Monday morning before my flight. They were totally surprised. I got a tour from the director, Luther Wilson and I met the entire staff. It's always nice to put faces with names and voices. I may have stumbled across a new idea for a book while I was there. Things happen for a reason...

My co-worker, Roni, was kind enough to shuttle to and from the airport and publisher.

While I was waiting to board my flight to DFW, I noticed a ton of security near my gate. A nice gentleman told me the governor of NM was there. Ah. Turns out, he was taking my flight. I joked with the lady next to me that our flight would be pretty safe considering who was on board. She smiled and said yes. I guess she would know since she was his security detail (a NM state trooper). I gave her my aisle seat so she would have a better vantage point to see him. Ha, and I am not even a democrat! He was on his way to help Senator Obama with his campaign in Florida.

I only have on thing to say, remember this old saying: If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

My life is getting back to normal now that I am home. Work has been busy because one of my co-workers is on vacation.

I started back at the gym, which was tough after being away for a week.

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