Monday, October 20, 2008

October 20, 2008

I ended up taking the city bus to the plaza in Santa Fe. OMG--what an experience. People with bikes, in wheelchairs, with children, etc. All with their own little stories.

The plaza in Santa Fe is really pretty. I walked around and shopped. I bought bags of ground chiles and salsa. I will post some photos when I get back.

I made it out to the set on Saturday afternoon. The director/producer was happy and I offered lots of historical advice on setting some scenes for gambling and drinking. It's fascinating to see all that goes on behind the scenes.

Yesterday was my turn to be in front of the camera. It was about 44 degrees at 8 a.m. when we started. We started off with my drinking/saloon stuff. I talked about the subjects and then we made some drinks I talked about. It was really fun, but I was nervous. I also had to taste the strange things I made, so I was drinking at 9 a.m. Hey, it made me feel warmer at least. Next came the faro/gambling scenes. They we better because I had settled down and my nervousness was gone. I'll post some pics later.

I stayed on after lunch as technical adviser again. That is too much fun! I was teaching the actors how to play faro so they could deal it in the scenes. I was also checking for continuity...

We wrapped about 6 p.m., packed up and came back to the hotel. We walked to a little place called the Blue Corn Cafe dinner. It was tasty. More New Mexican food. Chile Rellenos with a Christmas sauce--which means a combo of red and green chiles.

My good friend Bob Bell got it last night so we met for drinks in the bar. I gave him the skinny of what we had done so far on the show. On of the patrons noticed him, and asked, "Are you Boze Bell?" Yep, I was hanging with a celeb!

We met for breakfast and the director/producer joined us. They left this morning to film Bob's stuff.

I am hanging in the hotel waiting for my shuttle to ABQ. I am hoping to see my publisher, if I can swing it...

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