Monday, September 8, 2008

September 8, 2008

Well, T.S. Hanna made her way here and the eye of the storm went right over us. Luckily her winds were only gusting at 40 m.p.h.. We had some downed tree limbs and five inches of rain, but other than that nothing serious. We actually went out Saturday afternoon with some neighbors to taste wine.

A tiny little local winery had its grand opening on Saturday, so we had to go and give it a whirl. Let's just say that NC wine is traditionally made from the muscadine grape, which is native. It's a big sweet grape, which is exactly how the wine tastes. It's not my favorite.

It was football Sunday yesterday and my husband's team, the Steelers, crushed their opponent. He made the comment the other day about having to read my blog to see what I'm up to...hmm. He was only joking (I think). ;)

I made a little progress on my new book project, which always feels good.

Today I went for physical therapy and was surprised that I have been doing all the right things. He said my spine and rib cage were shifted to one side, which is causing all my pain. He thinks with one or two more visits, I should progress much quicker. He also told me that working out at the gym has advanced my progress.

I go back on Thursday.

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