Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2008

As expected there is lots in the news about the 7th anniversary of this date. Still hard to imagine that day. It was like a scene from a movie and could not be happening, but it did.

I ended up making baked penne pasta with Parmesan cheese. I used some sauce I made and froze, then added some fresh pesto I made. It was tasty.

I took a new class at the gym today - cardio funk. Lots of fun with funky music from 70s-90s. Tomorrow is Zumba!!

I saw the physical therapist again today. He is quite a character and has one hell of a sense of humor. I love him! He is also quite skilled at what he does. He sort of did a deep tissue thing, but moved my joints and muscles around. I am still twisted (hey, we all knew that before!) from the accident, but he thinks I will make good progress.

He does have me concerned about my knee though. That was the one place that took a direct hit to the dashboard in the accident. It seems there is something liquidy, called plica in the body. A plica is a thin wall of fibrous tissue that are extensions of the capsule of the knee. When that is banged it can turn into scar tissue which might need to be surgically removed later. Yikes. With proper work I might be able to avoid surgery.

Tonight is Pub/Trivia night. A night out is just what I need after being beat today by Kurt (P.T.)...

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