Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 24, 2008

Yesterday I had physical therapy. For some reason, my knee is giving me real problems. I have to skip my kick boxing classes for a while.

A few weeks back I entered a local photo contest. Well, last night was award presentation. I did not win. Hmm. This is the photo I entered. The theme was supposed to be "On the Road." None of the photos that won really depicted that theme.

I received a call from a production company yesterday and they want me to be in their documentary about Wyatt Earp. They want me to talk about drinking and gambling...who let the word out? Looks like I am headed to Tombstone next month for the shoot. This show will air on the History Channel, like the others.

Speaking of the others, my Investigating History: Wyatt Earp show aired last night again. Sorry I didn't post it here until now. I totally spaced this yesterday.

Went to the gym and have been at this computer all day.

I started an Italian pot roast for dinner since it's a little chilly - 69 degrees. We are starting to get some gusty winds from the nor'easter off the coast. Tomorrow is supposed to be worse...

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