Friday, September 19, 2008

September 19, 2009

Today is three months since my accident. I suspect I will be hearing from the insurance agent again soon. She usually checks in every 30 days.

Yesterday I hit the gym, did some work, and then went to trivia night at the pub. It was fun as usual, but we didn't win. I also talked to my friend, Mary, in Denver. She and I are different, yet so alike and I really miss her. We agreed to do a girl's weekend somewhere. Our criteria? A place with good food, good wine, and a relaxing spa...

I took Zumba again - so far it is not getting old. The class just seems to whiz by. Before you know - the hour is up.

I also got word yesterday that I might be doing a "talking head" appearance for a PBS show. Nothing is set, but once I hear more I will share it here.

Have a great weekend!!!

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