Monday, September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008

We traveled to the Washington, D.C. area again this weekend for another football game. We stopped at our favorite restaurant in Hanover, Virginia.

This Sunday's game was quite eventful. We won, which is always good. Now this next part might sound crazy or silly to those who are not sports enthusiasts or nutty football fans, but here goes.

The Redskins, like many other teams, have a mascot and die hard crazy fans. However, we take it to a whole new level. There is a guy (our mascot) who dresses in full "Indian" garb (I use that term loosely since his costume is straight from a Hollywood B movie). We also have grown men who wear dresses and pig noses--they are called "Hogettes." They actually do a lot of local charity events and a few years back did an NFL Visa commercial.

Anyway, I got the full fan treatment from both of them. First, the Chief (yes, that's what he is called) sat down near me, so naturally I did the fan thing and had my pic taken (shown here). Then, two of the Hogettes asked to sit next to me. Hmm. Yes, another photo was taken (also here).

What can I say--I'm a nutty Redskin fan just like the rest of 'em. Keep in mind that it was about 90 degrees again, so be kind when viewing the photos... :)

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