Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16, 2008

Last night we went to dinner at the little Italian place nearby. They have gotten better at service and the food is always pretty tasty. I opted for lasagna.

Today I started with a 2-mile power walk. I also just got back from the gym where I lifted weights.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting. We have decided to take a class so we can have permits to carry handguns. It's not that I wanna go toting a gun around on my hip like Wyatt Earp (well, that would be cool), it's more so that when we take our guns to Arizona, I have a permit that says I can. It's not illegal, but it sure will avoid any confusion with the law.

As you might guess, I am not afraid of guns and have had them around me all my life. My father was a hunter and he taught me to respect firearms--and how to use them.

I will report on the class in my Monday blog.

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