Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Recent Discovery

While in England some archivists gave me leads to follow, which I did yesterday. I was doing some follow-up research on Evelyn and stumbled upon a treasure. When I was at the London Metropolitan Archives I had to apply for a History Card aka library card to access their resources, which includes old newspapers.

It was very useful and we yielded some good results. However, you couldn't save anything and had to print. I assumed the card was only good while I was at the library in London. Much to my happy surprise--it works from the comfort of my home here in the states!!

I spent most of yesterday perusing all the topics that I didn't have time to look up while in London. I was able to save all the items we located while in London, plus a whole bunch more! That alone is worth the trip. It also includes access to the London Times, which I was paying about $8 per day to access.

Sadly, I have to put the new toy down today and focus on my next True West column (which I like doing anyway) and getting some new Cary photos.

Ah, the balancing act...


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