Monday, May 17, 2010

Thoughts after England

I've had time to reflect on my journey to England and my quest to find out more about Evelyn. I guess the big question is: Was it worth it? Hmm. The answer is yes. While I did not find what I had hoped to, I have come away with a much better understanding of what living in England is like.

The highlight of the trip was of course, meeting Evelyn's great granddaughter, Elizabeth. There is nothing more special to an author than meeting a direct descendant of someone you have been researching and learning about. It's as close to meeting Evelyn as I will ever come--totally moving.

Could I have written the book without going to England? Yes. However, I know The Secret Lives of Evelyn will be much better because of my experience. To be able to see the house where Evelyn lived, her neighborhood, the climate, the lifestyle, and so much more, will add to the book immensely!

When I was at the airport and heading home, I had a real sense of sadness and was very emotional.

Now I must take all that I learned and discovered and get my butt in gear and finish the book! I promise to update this blog more often with my progress.

Right now, I have this book and my Cary book, so things are going to be crazy for a while. I also have my True West column due next week. Ah, to be back...

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