Friday, May 7, 2010

125 Years and 22 Days

It was exactly 125 years and 22 days ago that Evelyn and her husband set sail for America. My cousin and I will be boarding a plane for England tonight. We are filming as well so we can make a documentary about my quest. Turns out Paris is not just for fun after all--there is some theatre research to be done.

I can't say if my journey, which will be about seven hours in a plane, or her journey, which was 10 days at sea is better.


Anonymous said...

Sherry - I'll be reading your posts like a starving man eats beef steak! I've got a project on a back burner - waiting to be researched but I've been all a blank for over a year.....haven't a clue where to begin. I'll be taking notes on how you go about your task.

Good luck, good travels, and post, post, post.

Sherry Monahan said...