Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The British Library and North London

Today I drove myself to the British Library in Colindale, which is north of London. They house the largest newspaper collection in England (I believe). Spent an hour getting there, an hour back, and four hours of paging through 1880s papers (yes, the were the real things), and only found one tidbit that is somewhat helpful. Sigh...

My cousin ventured to London on the trains to the Victoria and Albert Museum and Harrods. The V&A was supposed to have a document for me, but they did not--another strike out.

My driving skills are improving, but are not perfect. I knew this when I tried to go up a one-way street and the coppers in their car started waving frantically (they were also smiling and laughing). I think my car must be marked as a renter from America! Speaking of coppers...I have been told the person getting ready to give me a ticket yesterday was not a copper, but a parking attendant. Oops.

Tomorrow is another day and I am still hopeful that I will leave England knowing more about Evelyn. At the bare minimum I have met her great granddaughter, which is a treasure in itself. Have not been able to connect with my English friend Tom due to his work schedule. Hoping it works out...Peter is another friend (my cameraman from Lost Worlds) I am hoping to get up with, but he's in Germany until tonight.

We heard they are canceling flights again due to the volcano...

We're heading to London again tomorrow for research and I am going to the London Metropolitan Archives. Wish me luck!!!


feather said...

Hi Sherry,
I hope your research is more successful tomorrow. Sometimes when you least expect it, a treasure will drop in your lap! Thank you for all the diligent effort you are putting in & be sure to keep having FUN!


Sherry Monahan said...


Thank you. You would love your cousin Elizabeth! She is too fuuny and gracious hostess.