Tuesday, May 11, 2010

London and the Dreaded Rental Car

Arrived in London late because of a flight delay, which caused us to reach Elizabeth (Evelyn's great granddaughter) very late. She served us a lovely late lunch of three salmon dishes and we enjoyed gin and tonics! After, we looked through albums and I found new photos for the book. She is a real treasure and I am glad to now call her my friend.

The RENTAL car...reserved an automatic, but they gave it away so I was forced to take a stick and drive on the wrong side of the road!!! We weren't even two mins out of the rental office and the car was smoking and had a bad odor. Tanya was so scared she said, "I really think we should turn back." Not having a lick of sense and a strong determination I was determined to persevere. By the time we got to the hotel we had to call the roadside mechanic. No serious damage, but he was concerned.

My friend Tom, poor soul, waited for me for two hours at the hotel. I felt really bad. We had some dinner and too short of a visit.

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