Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last Day for Research and the Rental Car, May 14, 2010

Neither of us wanted to face the owner in the morning (he makes breakfast) so we hurried off and had tea in town. We then headed to Lewisham which is where Evelyn grew up. The Lewisham Library yielded some great finds for me, but still nothing with a “wow” factor. We had lunch at a nice little pub in town and I had an onion pasty with a ½ pint cider—I had research to do!

We left the library and headed to the parking lot for our rental car and as we approached, my heart sank. Someone hit the corner of the car!! Not too severe, but it’s a rental. And no, I only took the third-party insurance, which only kicks in if they catch the third party. I did phone the response unit that monitors the lot. They said the camera was not facing my car at the time, but the rental company can investigate further, however, I may be responsible. On the bright side, my AmEx card is platinum and is supposed to take care of that. I was advised this may take months to clear up—ugh.

Next stop was Evelyn’s husband hometown newspaper for more clues. He was raised in Richmond, Surrey and the Guardian took over the Richmond and Twickenahm Times. The leafed through their original volumes, but alas, did not find anything. They year of 1885 is the one I really needed, but they could not find that one. Darn. I was able to help a fellow colleague, Fred Nolan, which some research and found a very big thing for him. So, I did have some satisfaction from that.

Tanya and I headed towards the Weir now dubbed the Weird, and made our way to Hampton Court, which was Henry’s VIII’s palace. We arrived around 6:00 so it was closed, but a very nice security guard let us in to wander the gardens and take tons of photos. This palace was a large as a small town and very impressive and I am sorry we did not get to tour it.

After that we headed to Walton and found a neat little Thai restaurant for dinner. We dined in true European fashion by eating around 8:30. The food was delicious.

We got to bed around midnight and had to be up around 6:00 a.m. for our flight, so again no post.

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