Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26, 2008

No post yesterday. Honestly, I was too upset.

I found out my car is going to be totaled because it will cost too much to repair. I am so bummed - I have owned that car since the beginning. I know it's only a car and I am happy it sacrificed itself for me, but still...

What really steams me is that I will likely not get enough to even pay it off. So this chick slams into me, I have injuries, aggravation, stress, depression, and tons of things to organize, and now I have to deal with getting another car. It's not fair - they should have to set me back to where I was before all this happened.

I know things happen for a reason, but I will be danged if I understand this one.

Well, off my podium, for the moment.

I did manage to get some information for True West for my feature column on western food. I am very excited about that for 2009.

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