Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16, 2008

I bet y'all thought I fell off the face of the Earth. Well, I didn't, I just went to Arizona.

It was a trip of book signings, entertaining writing friends, setting history straight, attending a writers conference, and visiting new historical places. What a whirlwind tour, of sorts.

We went to Tombstone first, where we stayed on our 40 acres. It was awesome. Well, except for being stung by a killer bee (at least I think it was a killer bee). People tease me about being the "Martha Stewart" of camping. Who knows, I may just get a TV show out of it! Yes, I eat steak or pork tenderloin that I grilled over my stone mesquite pit. I also serve wine and make a dessert on the fire that resembles crepes. What can I say? I love to cook!

We then went to Scottsdale for the Western Writers of America (WWA) convention. It's an awesome group with lots of famous faces. I met old friends and acquired some news ones. I also got lots of books and sold a few, too.

A couple of publishers are interested in some new books ideas, including some fictional titles I've been toying with.

The WWA president, Johnny Boggs (just did a True West story with him) asked me to run for one of the WWA board positions. There are four candidates and two positions. Sounds like running a political party. I don't run until February 2009.

Saturday night was the big gala where the Spur Awards are given. I didn't win one, but my good friend, Bob Boze Bell of TW magazine, did. We were even invited to sit at his table with his family and staff. Bob is one of the first people to support my writing, and still does. He has been my mentor for years and I hope to keep it that was for a long time.

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