Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4, 2008

It was crazy yesterday. Trying to deal with insurance claims, the cell phone company, and more because of the break-in. Turns out, I should thank the dirt bags! My insurance company is replacing the XM radio and GPS with better models than we already had. At no cost to us- very nice.

It looks like there were 10 of us in total who were ripped off. I still hope they catch them.

Took my kickboxing class yesterday and pretended I was kicking the crap out of the thief. It felt great! I had one hell of a workout.

Watched Hell's Kitchen last night and enjoyed it.

The painters finished the house today, so all can be put back together again. The house looks really nice. I am pleased with the colors and the job they did.

I missed the gym today, but got my hair done in prep for my Arizona trip next week. I will get back to it tomorrow.

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