Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 1, 2007

Wow, it's December already.

Yesterday was interesting. I had an MRI on my back to see why I keep having pain off and on. Thing is, I am claustrophobic and those things are tight. I had my doctor give me a script for some "doggy" downers so I wouldn't freak. Honestly, I just felt a little relaxed, but later I realized they hit me harder than I knew. I didn't work in the morning because of the MRI, so I sent my co-worker an email. I corrected it about 8 times before I thought it looked good. Boy, she sent me a reply saying I made her laugh...I re-read the email and I cracked myself up! I guess the drugs were more effective than I knew.

We got our Christmas tree yesterday - a beautiful 9' Frasier Fir from the mountains of NC. We aren't putting up until this week since we are headed to D.C. today.

I've been catching up on my VP-Marketing duties with WWW this week as well. I also have to work on my final Taste of Tombstone in the car today, since it's due back to the publisher next Friday.

The football game tomorrow will be sad and cold - the Redskins are honoring Sean Taylor before the game. It's also supposed to be about 37 degrees with freezing rain. Until Monday...

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