Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007

Halloween was a little more quiet this year than in the past. I actually had candy left over, which is not good for my hips! It's so funny how they ring the door bell and then peek in the windows to see what's taking so long!

I did end up having to work again until 9:45... I missed some of the little goblins who came to the door.

We watched the movies Bats and then Evolution.

I slept in today and seem to be fighting a cold or something so I skipped exercising. I'm plain, freakin' exhausted.

We're going to visit my aunt and uncle in South Carolina this weekend, so I will relax, laugh, and have fun. He's in his eighties and she's in her seventies. They are a lot of fun and he has all kinds of WWII stories about being in Germany.

Gotta go for a conference call.

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