Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy and Mad

I am both happy and mad all at the same time!

I found another great piece of the Secret Lives of Evelyn puzzle yesterday. As it turns out, quite by accident. I was looking for one thing and stumbled upon it. I love it when that happens!!!

On the other hand, I am really mad and upset about two book reviews I received yesterday. One was for Taste of Tombstone and the other for Tombstone's Treasure. They were both from scholarly types, which might explain their comments.

Tombstone's Treasure was hit for having disorganized footnotes, while Taste of Tombstone was hit for the same thing, but also for the recipes. It always amazes me that people think recipes that were used in the west have to come from old cookbooks in the west.

How would that be possible when most books were published in the east during the 1800s? Did these highly-educated scholars think about that?! Of course not--the women who went west, yes, from the east, took their EASTERN cookbooks along with them.

They also slammed me for not citing the source for every single recipe I have in the book. They should have paid attention to the Prologue where I specifically say I used old cookbooks of the time, including an 1880 one that I bought in Tombstone! Ugh. They also mentioned not being able to remember who Otto Geisenhofer was and had to use the index to look him up. Why was that a big deal?

Thanks--I feel better now.

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