Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Curiouser and Curiouser

It seems the more I learn about Evelyn the more questions I have. Just when I think I am ready to start writing The Secret Lives of Evelyn, I find another secret, which leads to another question!

I have found her obit, which was tricky and when you read the book you'll find out why.

I've been emailing with her GG granddaughter and and great granddaughter in England. Both have given me some pretty neat details about her life.

My Apex book came back with a few more edits. There is a neat story there, too. I had some photos from a guy in Apex which were wedding negatives to someone he did not know. I used them because they were cool. My editor wanted more info, so I started digging and found the groom alive at age 87! I was so neat to get his details for the photos.

The guy who has the negatives graciously agreed to let me give them to the groom--63 years later.

How cool is that?

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