Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fish Balls That Melt in the Mouth

I kid you not! That is the headline of a western newspaper in the late 1800s. It's referring to a recipe they printed, but still...

I'm working on researching my next few True West Frontier Fare columns and stumbled across it. Somehow I will have to use that for one of my stories! You can't make this stuff up. LOL

The Secret Lives of Evelyn is still consuming me. I applied for a grant yesterday in the hopes that I will get some money so I can travel to England and California and trace Evelyn.

I subscribed to a couple of newspaper and genealogy sites to help me and it's leading me to some neat stuff. I can't really say what it is because it might spoil the story for the reader.

I must admit that I am like a junkie on crack when it comes to this research. I even dream about reading censuses and ship's logs.

This is the hardest I have ever worked on any book. It will be awesome, but it surely is taking a lot out of me.

Back to it...

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