Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's amazing all things your feet do for you. My office is upstairs and the kitchen is down, so when I want something to eat or drink, I have to think about it.

Well, I finished my column, but I am in the process of completing the recipe. It's one for griddle cakes, but they are quick version of sourdough pancakes. I have to let the batter sit overnight and then I can cook them in the morning. Cooking with crutches should be interesting. When you see the May issue know that those cakes were made under unusual circumstances. LOL

Next up is my website updates...

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Gwyn Ramsey said...

Sherry, My goodness that is a lot of work to make pancakes. Let me know how it all turns out, especially the taste.

I totally understand about that ugly black boot. I had both feet operated on at the same time. I really felt clunky. Take care and get better quick.

Gwyn Ramsey