Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 16, 2008

Lots to update. I finished decorating all the trees and the house, just in time for the party. 14 total were here and it was a blast. We did the secret Santa exchange which is always fun, and we played a new game, sort of.

I can't tell you all the details because it wasn't totally "G." Let's just say that we substituted a body part in any song title you could name. What a little wine will do... LOL

We made the emergency trip to SC this weekend and got back last night. My aunt Juanita is not good. Her spirit is lacking, as is her diet and mobility. I got her eating tiny meals, drinking herbal tea, and walking a little. The PT also came while I was there, which was good. If she keeps up the pace we set, then she has a chance. If not, I am not sure what will happen. My cousin and uncle will be there to help her. I am hoping to make another visit out after Christmas.

I have also been having some health issues, but it appears everyting is going to be okay with me. Whew!

I previewed my March True West column this morning. It looks good.

I did some more shopping so I could wrap presents that need to be shipped. Tomorrow it's shipping and greeting cards.

I was out doing things today and I felt guilty like I should get back to work. Wow, I guess we don't realize how routine our lives can be. I did apply for a pretty interesting job today--we'll see what happens.

There is a concert at the local high school tonight and my mom's neighbor is playing the cello, so I will be going.

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