Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Trying to keep up

I've been busy playing catch up with personal things, my writing, and everything else in between. I have books to mail, bills to pay, a beach house to secure for vacation at the end of July, TV clips to send to a producer, a manuscript to send to my publisher, and way more than that.

I got behind-the-scenes photos from the Deadwood shoot. Copy & paste this link into your address bar - I can't get the link to work here -

The producers emailed me and said the rushes looked really good and they were pleased with me. I really enjoyed doing that so much.

Our niece Jamie comes here on Friday and we are taking her to the NC mountains for vacation. I will still be working, but that's the beauty of my new job - I can do it from anywhere. She and Larry (my husband) may just have to do some things together while I do my thing.

The DirecTV guy is coming this afternoon to fix the bad installation I got a few months ago. Get this, I have to pay for their screw-up because I didn't call and complain when they installed it! They won't leave today until I know it's working.

Well, back to work

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