Tuesday, June 5, 2007

On the Road

Wow! I have one-third of my month long travel days behind me. Larry and I got back from Tombstone on May 31. We were supposed to be back on the 30th, but we got stuck in Houston overnight. Tombstone was fun as usual - we camped on our property, had dinner with friends in town and on the land. I did three book signings, gave one presentation, and did some research for the re-release of Taste of Tombstone (Spring 2008-Univ. New Mexico Press).

The former Tombstone Mayor, Andre DeJournett, opened the Tombstone Consolidated Mine tour about two months ago. It was awesome - anyone going to Tombstone must take it! It was like going back in time. We took lots of photos and one of them shows an orb with a face in it!!!

Tomorrow I leave for Deadwood, SD to film an episode of the Lost Worlds series for the History Channel. It should be lots of fun. More TV might be in my future, which we would be WAY cool. That's all I can say for now - I don't want to jinx myself.

I get back from Deadwood, stay home for two days, then head to Springfield, MO for the Western Writers of America conference. I am giving a presentation on how to research old records, and meeting with two of my publishers, and catching up with old friends.

After that, I am home for a month!

My new job at Interamark is still awesome. Great job, great boss, great people! It truly is a dream job - I get to write, while working from home, and get paid to do it.

Well, I have to get back to that awesome job since I am leaving tomorrow.

More later...


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