Friday, October 15, 2010

Entering Awards

Entering awards can be both exciting and disheartening. You think your stuff is worthy so you enter, but then when you don't win you have to wonder. Still, if you don't enter, you for sure don't win, so I say what the heck!

Today I entered my True West column in two different award competitions. One requires a $50 entry fee and the other is free. Both are highly coveted and to win just one of them would be totally awesome. I'm not naming them because I don't want to jinx myself.

I will say that I entered the Cowboy Beans and Frontier Wedding Menus

I'll learn the outcome in early 2011--ah the waiting. It's one thing authors need to learn. Hurry up and wait.

Today I have finish my special True West assignment because it's due Monday. My column is up next.

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Gwyn Ramsey said...


Good luck with your articles. Hope you win at least one of them. Keep me posted. Have a great 2011.