Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Working with Family

The Secret Lives of Evelyn continues to fill my days.

However, today I was in contact with a coroner in England to see if I can get the details of E's death. Since I am not family, they will not release it to me. On the bright side, E's GG granddaughter in England has agreed to email the coroner to see what she can find. I think she is equally curious to know more about her fascinating relative.

I now have an "accomplice" in my quest for the truth!

I forgot to mention that I found some other interesting details around E's husband the other day. Very exciting...

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feather said...

How great to get to speak to you just before taking off on your fantastic voyage! I'm so thrilled that you are researching more about Evelyn's early life. If it wasn't for her saving my Dad's life when he was a baby during the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918, I would never have been born & he wouldn't still be here with us to celebrate his 97th birthday on June 16th! This is a photo of me on the runway at the historic Wilma Theater, taken in 1999, modeling my creation of wearable art for the Bra Show, a fundraiser for breast cancer research.

I'll be following your daily posts...thank you so much & have a fantastic time!