Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Very Often...

I got to do something yesterday that not many people can say they have done.

During my research for The Secret Lives of Evelyn, I have hit road blocks, discovered scandal, uncovered shocking details, and much more. I have also gotten in contact with E's direct descendants.

However, yesterday, I had the pleasure of introducing two of E's relatives to each other.

One is her GG granddaughter, who lives in England, and the other is her great granddaughter who lives in Montana. Neither new the other existed, so their reunion should be quite enlightening. It's so cool to think that E's relatives on two different continents are now connected!

It was one of those feel good days, and hey, today is still the same!!!

Well, I am just about done with most of my research, although I still have many unanswered questions. However, at some point, I have to start writing.

Today is that day...

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