Thursday, March 1, 2007

Great news!

Okay, I've been alluding to something good about to happen and it finally did, and now I can share it. I start a new job later this month for an awesome marketing firm. I will finally get paid to be a writer! Yes, I know you're probably thinking "What about your books?" Well, I do get royalties, but I still can't quit my day job if you know what I mean.

Anyway, this is such a delight - getting paid for my talents and I get to enjoy what I do for a living. And, I also get to do it from my home office. No commute anymore, no freezing while my co-workers say, "It's hot in here."

Well, Monday will be exciting and strange. I will have to say goodbye to some people I will truly miss, but it's only 30 minutes away and I plan on having lunch with them. It's strange for me, I have been with my company for 17 years, and now I am leaving. I'm both happy and sad, well mostly happy...

Okay, tomorrow is my deadline to finish my latest manuscript about Pioneer Women in the West.

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