Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tombstone's Treasure Arrived!

My fourth book, Tombstone's Treasure: Silver Mines & Golden Saloons arrived last week. I was at home sick with a bad head cold. There is nothing like the smell of a new book from your publisher. As I turned the pages, I could hear them crackling. It's dedicated to my dad who passed away 8 years ago, so when I saw the dedication in cold hard print, I cried. Reality has a way of hitting you when you don't expect it.

Now I have to wait for the reviews to show up. My publisher did an awesome job and they are planning some radio spots for me. Check my website once in a while and I will update it with the stations and times.

I might have found a publisher to reprint Taste of Tombstone, which is in danger of becoming extinct.

I may be able to share some good news soon...waiting is always hard, but you know the old saying - good things come...

More soon.

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