Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18, 2008

Okay, to say I have been bad at blogging lately would be an understatement.

I could list a bunch of excuses, but honestly, I just haven't felt like doing it. I will attempt to get back into the blogging saddle again.

This Sunday we went to D.C. to see my team (Redskins) get beat once again on national television. This time it was against the blasted Cowboys. Now, I love the old west, but no self-respecting Redskins fan can love a Cowboy! LOL

It was freezing and by 9 o'clock my fingers and toes were numb. To top things off, there were two obnoxiously drunk chicks behind me. They had open beers and I thought for sure I was going to wear one. I turned to the chick behind me and asked her to stop leaning on me and to watch her beer. Well, I guess you know how that went. She and her friend got up in my face. I had all I could to do not haul off and show her some of my kickboxing moves.

However, I am an adult and she was clearly drinking because she has issues...some were obvious. As most of the drunks at the game usually do, they left early.

Today I took my kickboxing class at the gym and finally wrote an endorsement for a fellow author's book. It's nice to check things off your to-do list.

I still have my TW column that is due today, I need to update my website again, and there are more things, but I just can't remember them at this moment.

We gleaned a ton of sweet potatoes from the local farmer's fields last weekend. It's a tradition here in NC. Once the farmers take the prime potatoes, the locals can take what is left. We've been doing that for about 15 years now.

Right now, I am baking the potatoes--probably near 60 by the time I am done. I will freeze some whole and mash the rest to freeze. I also have to make a sweet potatoe casserole for my husband's company Thanksgiving celebration.

Well, that's enough for now...

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