Tuesday, January 23, 2007

From the beginning

I thought I would start with how a NJ girl, living in NC, got interested in the West. Let's say it was destiny - I was the only kid in my NJ High School wearing a cowboy hat and boots! I always loved the West and swear I lived there in a previous life. I tease my husband that I was Wyatt Earp and he was Doc Holliday and that's when we first met.

Anyway, I digress. I visited Tombstone, Arizona in 1992 and fell in love. I truly felt like I lived there before and on the plane ride home, decided I wanted to be connected to it somehow. I had never written a book before (Does the H.S. newspaper count?), but I loved to write, and cooking is another hobby. I began to wonder what they ate in Tombstone in the 1880s.

After 8 months of research, and 6 months of writing and compiling, I had a book (okay, manuscript). I was lucky enough to find an AZ publisher after only 6 rejections - not bad for a first-time author. My first book was Taste of Tombstone.

That's how it all started, and from there, I have learned and grown. I am awaiting my 4th book to be out in April, and am currently working on three others at the same time. Keep in mind, that I also maintain a 4-day per week job - I've gotta pay the bills somehow! You can also visit my website - www.sherrymonahan.com or www.wildwestinfo.com to learn more.

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