Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday is my day to be an Author!

I have off from my regular job on Friday so I can be an author. Fridays I write, research, market, sell, and enjoy my day. I don't do all those things every Friday, but there have been days where it all went down. Today, I am trying to finish a MS (Manuscript) which a publisher has been waiting to see for 6 months. In addition, I did some things associated with me being the VP-Marketing for Women Writing the West. A couple of days ago, I pitched a really cool idea to a friend...just waiting to see if he likes it. Who knows, you might see me on TV again.

I also applied for a freelance job that sounds pretty cool. That would be another Friday or evening gig.

It's brutally cold here in NC today, but tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50s. Maybe I'll go play with my new metal detector.

Well, back to finishing that MS. Once that one is done, I have another neat project that a different publisher wants to see. And a different from that one, too!

Ah, the life of a non-fiction author.

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